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Tour Code Senior Inline Hockey Skates

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Top-of-the-line roller hockey skate packed full of the latest technology. This is the premier model in the 3rd generation of Code series skates. These skates are fast, strong, lightweight, and made to give you every advantage. The inside is made for control and comfort, the outside is made to take abuse, and the frames are for precision and power. These inline hockey skates feature 80mm Labeda Addiction wheels – Labeda’s signature series and are loaded with the fastest Swiss bearings Bevo makes.

  • Heat Moldable inline roller hockey skates loaded with all the latest technology
  • VORRAC quarter construction; Vibram® patches strategically placed to enhance durability; A.R.C. tongue (Anti-lacebite, Removable, Custom-fit toebox); Psycho Wave Fit insole
  • Knetik tendon guard enhances range of motion
  • High-density memory foam ankle pads lock in the heel and ankle for added power transfer
  • Pillow padding at the edge lessens ankle irritation.
  • Labeda

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