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Sherwood Rekker M70 Grip Senior Composite Hockey Stick

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  • The M70, like the rest of the new Rekker line, features a low-kick point. Developed for playmakers, this design offers performance benefits for quick-motion shots, shots taken close to the net, and release speed. While the Rekker M70 may not include all top-of-the-line technologies of the M90 model, it does feature the same Dropkick Taper. This taper design is built to store energy low on the shaft when loading, helping to generate Sher-Wood’s quickest kick point ever.
  • Another high-end feature included in the Rekker M70 is Spear Shaft technology. Used in many top Sher-Wood sticks, this trusted design has the shaft running through the heel of the blade for a true one-piece feel. With this technology, the M70 will provide you with the puck feel and control you’re looking for.
  • At the bottom of the Rekker M70, Sher-Wood includes their VRF.2 blade. While not at the level of the all-new VRF.4 blade found in the top-end Rekker sticks of this year, the VRF.2 still provides good durability and responsiveness for players who may not skate frequently but are still looking for a good feel of the puck when stickhandling and passing. 
  • Any player is encouraged to upgrade to a higher-end model like the Rekker M90 or M80 if they’re looking for the best performance features Sher-Wood has to offer. But if you’re an occasional skater or performance-level player looking for a solid stick at a great value, the Rekker M70 proves to be a great option.
  • 510 Grams and 60 inches in length

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