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Sherwood M Prime Grip Senior Composite Hockey Stick

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  • The 2022 Sherwood M Prime Grip Hockey Stick exemplifies the advancements Sherwood has made in their sticks, with a variety of top-end innovations to complement the low kick point design. One technology is the Dropkick Taper. This design drops the taper further down the hosel than the typical low-kick model, helping to generate a faster release, making this Sherwood’s quickest kick point design ever.
  • To complement this new kick point technology, Sherwood implemented new features in the shaft and blade. The shaft includes Blackline XXV Carbon Fiber. The stick also features Flylite II technology for a carbon fiber layup that improves balance and durability; Graphene Infused material for excellent impact resistance; and Resinjection System to extend the life of that new stick pop. 
  • Tacky Grip FInish with a low kick point 
  • E2-17 Shaft Dimensions provide a larger shape with rounded corners and concave sidewalls give players better control especially during explosive slap shots and one-timers.
  • 520 grams and 60 inches in length

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