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CCM Super Tacks AS3 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

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  • CCM Hockey is constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to ice hockey skate innovation and this time is no different with the Super Tacks AS3 Senior Hockey Skates! With the incorporation of the One-Piece boot, improved interior liner, and the SpeedBlade XS holders, the Super Tacks AS3 Skates offer the complete package of performance, comfort, and efficiency.
  • Starting with the fit, the Super Tacks AS3 Skates feature the same tried and true anatomical fit that players are accustomed to with the Super Tacks line. This form-fitting, 360-degree fit around the forefoot, heel, and ankle helps eliminate negative space within the boot, allowing for more efficient energy transfer meaning improved speed and agility!
  • Building upon that, the Super Tacks AS3 Skates utilize CCM’s one-piece “Monoframe” quarter package. This one-piece build is the epitome of pure performance, built with a RFM composite material that is both lightweight and durable. The result of this setup is superior energy transfer from the skating stride, to the feet, to the ice.
  • Taking customization to another level is CCM’s incorporation of the XS Tongues on the Super Tacks AS3 Skates. These easily-swappable skate tongues allow players to switch them out based on their personal preference of fit, feel, and protection. Furthermore, each one of the three tongue models are built with a D30 Smart Material that helps disperse the force of direct impacts, such as blocked shots, away from the sensitive ankle areas. Simply use the two clips at the base of the tongues to change them out and perfect your fit!
  • The interior of the Super Tacks AS3 Skates are loaded with comfort and durability-enhancing features. The TotalDri liner with Durazone Abrasion Protection is an elite-performance moisture-wicking material that helps wick moisture away from the body, keeping them dry and light on their feet. The interior multi-density memory foam in the ankle areas wrap anatomically around players’ ankles keeping them comfortably locked into place. Lastly, the Injected Smooth Contour Pro comfort padding at the top of the skate boots is a one-piece injected tendon guard that hugs your foot and ankle for an even more responsive fit.
  • Moving to the bottom half of the Super Tacks AS3 Skates, CCM utilizes their new SpeedBlade XS holder. These holders were developed as a quick and easy way for players to replace runners on the fly, while ensuring a consistent feel every time. The holders utilize a positive-lock mechanism that tightly secures the runners to the holder to prevent the blade from loosening during gameplay.
  • Ready to take your game to the next level? Look no further than the CCM Super Tacks AS3 Senior Hockey Skates!

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