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Bauer Vapor 3X Pro Senior Roller Hockey Skates

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    • Brand new for 2022, Bauer Hockey is innovating on their popular Vapor Roller Hockey Skate line with the Bauer Vapor 3X Pro Senior Roller Hockey Skates. With key improvements made to nearly every part of the skates, Bauer looks to offer ultimate performance every time you lace up your skates.
    • Starting with the build of the Vapor 3X Pro Roller Hockey Skates, the quarter package is built with Bauer’s Dynaflex system. Rather than going with a highly stiff boot, this design allows for a very slight amount of flex within the boot, allowing it to conform to the natural shape of your foot, which helps with overall performance and comfort! This new design is constructed out of Bauer’s 3-D lasted Silver Carbon Curv Composite material which is even more durable and lightweight than before. This setup provides a familiar snug, close to the foot feel. The X-Rib pattern on the back of the skates helps lock the heel into place for quicker crossovers and tighter turns.
    • Along with the Carbon Curv boot construction Bauer has upgraded to a Pro Stock felt tongue. This new design provides players with improved forward flex meaning more range of motion during skating strides. This tongue will also provide pro level comfort and protection better protecting the top of your foot from blocked shots or stick checks.
    • Staying true to the asymmetrical concept seen within the Vapor line, the Vapor 3X Pro Roller Hockey Skates take it a step further with the use of their asymmetrical toe cap and box. Using the profile of 25,000 player scans, Bauer has optimized this new design to enhance your push-off power, helping increase top-end speed.
    • The Bauer 3X Pro Roller Hockey Skate will also feature Integrated injected facing, which will provide greatly improved lateral stability. This will help lock your foot into place so that it only moves when you want it to move, allowing you to have more control and power with your strides.
    • For the lower half of the Vapor 3X Pro Roller Hockey Skates, the boot sits atop a lightweight, full-carbon composite outsole, which pairs up to a HI-LO Aluminum chassis. This setup is highly durable and lightweight. Paired with the chassis are two 80mm Labeda Millennium wheels in the back and two 76mm wheels in the front. These wheels are equipped with grip chemistry and the highest rebound urethane core. Supporting the wheels will be HI-LO Swiss bearings. This setup provides players with unmatched speed and durability!
    • With the upgrades in the Curv composite, Pro stock tongue, and the highly durable Labeda Millennium wheels, the Bauer 3X Pro Senior Roller Hockey Skates are designed to excel in the game’s biggest moments!
    • There will be a 5% restocking fee if returned for a refund.
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