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Bauer Supreme S27 Senior Hockey Goalie Leg Pads

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  • The Supreme S27 Leg Pads from Bauer are an entry level goalie pad great for either a young goalie who fits in the junior sizing category, or a beginner adult goaltender looking to break into the sport. The S27 leg pads have plenty of great features, packing some value at the entry level price point.
  • The Supreme S27 leg pads share similar design elements as their higher end counterparts with a few differences in material quality and rigidity. The Core on the S27 pads are still a stiff profile, however they will not be quite as stiff as the S29 leg pads in order to help a younger or beginner goaltender, who might not be as flexible, close the 5-Hole. The break on the Supreme S27 pads will alos be a single internal break below the knee.
  • The external material on the Supreme S27 leg pads has been upgraded to a new synthetic material for better durability. Although the knee and calf plates on the S27 are not the CORTech material found on the 2S Pro and S29 leg pads, the Supreme S27 goalie pads still slide well for their price point. 
  • The strapping on the Supreme S27 leg pads is the C.R.S. (Custom Rotation System) strapping which comes with 2 sizes for each strap to allow the goaltender to get the proper fit while maintaining ideal rotation. The knee landing on the S27 leg pads is a flat construction with an adjustable knee lock to allow proper fit and comfort with knee pads.

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