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Bauer Supreme Mach Senior Ice Hockey Skates

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  • Constantly pushing innovation with their skates, Bauer Hockey has designed a new Supreme skate for 2022. Engineered for the most powerful athletes in the game, the all-new Bauer Supreme Mach Senior Ice Hockey Skates look to give you power on a whole new level with their most advanced Supreme skated ever designed.
  • Starting off with the boot of the Supreme Mach skates, Bauer is continuing to use their ultra-popular 3D lasted curve composite quarter package. The Mach will have a 12K curve composite boot which will be an ultra-lightweight structure and is going to be their most thermoformable boot, looking to give you the best fit possible for your foot shape. This boot will have a unibody sole that stiffens the lower portion of the boot and will give you a more efficient stride, giving you the most energy out of every push.
  • Another new addition to the Supreme Mach skates will be the AMP, active motion performance, skate flex. This is a flex facing that adds more forward flex in the upper portion of the skate. This flex will allow you to push harder and get more energy transfer to get a stronger stride each time you push off. Not only will this make your strides more powerful but also more efficient, so that you are getting the most out of every stride and no energy is wasted.
  • The new boot flex goes hand in hand with the new Powercoil tongue in the Supreme Mach skates. This tongue will feature and improved insert for faster recoil speed that helps explode into each stride giving you the maximum flex and performance every time you skate.
  • Moving on to the interior of the Supreme Mach, Bauer has gone with their Lock Fit Pro liner which is designed to keep your feet locked into place, as well as quickly wick away sweat, providing you with ultimate feel and control while on the ice.
  • Down to the holder of the Supreme Mach skates, the Blade Holder is the popular TUUK Lightspeed Edge holder that has been tested and played with at elite levels for years now. New for the Supreme line this year is the choose your steel performance, which allows you to choose your steel option with your skates, giving you the chance to dial in the perfect steel option for your specific game.
  • If you are an elite-level player looking for a skate that will make each stride stronger than the last, look no further than the Bauer Supreme Mach Senior Ice Hockey Skates.
  • There will be a 5% restocking fee if returned for a refund.

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