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Alkali Cele II Senior Hockey Gloves

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  • Designed for advanced players, the new Cele II glove has a modified four-roll design, providing comfort and allowing for maximum maneuverability. New for 2022, the Cele II also comes with Alkali’s AMS protective foam, which is designed to absorb and spread impact more evenly. The gloves are equipped with a high-quality suede palm for durability and comfort, as well as a flex thumb and additional plastic inserts throughout for maximum protection. 
  •  Can be baked in a skate over for 2 minutes for an even more custom fit.
  • Measure the length of your hand from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger to get hand length. 
  • Glove Size Hand Length Height Weight (lbs) Age
    13" 6.5" 5'5" - 5'9" 120 - 160 14+
    14" 7" 5'7" - 5'11" 140 - 180 14+
    15" 7.5" 5'9"+ 160+ 15+

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